• LAHC student conference: Agents of Peace a resounding success October 25, 2019

    Last month almost 40 students and 13 adults became agents of peace in the LAHC student conference exploring ‘‘Who am I to be a Peace Agent and how can I make peace?' Based at St. George's Quilmes, the delegation (from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru) immersed themselves in a range of activities exploring themes such as understanding conflict, developing mediation and negotiating skills, and constructing solution. This event was inspired by the extraordinary Christmas Day Armistice for World War 1 when Germans and British Allies laid down guns for one day of peace and the global Peace One Day movement. Among the many activities, the students visited the Boca stadium and played 'peace football', got footloose in a tango workshop and heard an enthralling testimony from a survivor of the Malvinas conflict. Bertie Noble (Headmaster, St Bede’s Grammar school) also gave a dynamic practical workshop on how students can be effective mediators in student conflicts. On the final day, students painted a peace mural focusing on an overarching emerging conference theme, the need to build bridges with different groups and not walls of difference. It was great to see all the students working harmoniously together and building long-lasting friendships. We look forward to supporting and celebrating further progress in individual LAHC schools and communities, and making use of the international teams projects resources that were created.