LAHC Insights - launch of second series

This series features members from within the LAHC community who will share their practical experience and insights as well as on what the future could look like in their schools and further afield.
Chris Binge, head of Markham College, Tom Tom Gething, Head of Lancaster School, and Alan Downie, LAHC Executive Officer, kick started the series yesterday with a panel discussion on Back to what future?, exploring the challenges and opportunities as we come out of lockdown.
Around 130 members participated in the webinar, which was very well received and extremely relevant during this challenging time.
"Yesterday’s discussion was great. It is hard to envisage this not having consequences, but equally hard to predict what they may be…. The amount of people that joined in speaks to the anxieties of one and all as we try to anticipate the future."
"It is really interesting to have something about education to think about rather than the pandemic."
"Valuable conversation and reflections. Thank you for sharing your time and your ideas."
We will be announcing more details about the next webinar in this series shortly.