The LAHC Review is offered on a voluntary basis to schools that are members of LAHC. Its starting point is theschool's own assessment of itself and its performance in the areas in which it desires to be submitted to scrutiny. It is a peer review, with teams being made up of teachers and leaders of member schools, trained specifically for the purpose. No honorarium is charged – the school only has to cover the expenses of the team members.


The flexibility of the Review allows it to be applied in as complete or as partial a manner as is desired, with each application being tailored to the specific needs of the school. The decision is the school’s, and at all times the review team and its leader respond to the needs and requests of the school. This is not an inspection that judges schools against some predetermined criteria but rather a critical friend who gives an outsider's perspective on what the school thinks of itself.


The self-assessment documents are used as the basis for the examination carried out by the team during a week on site, during which time the team observes and compares the perceived reality with the school's assessment. At the end of the operation, verbal reports are presented to the Heads of Departments/Section and the Senior Leadership Team. Subsequently, a full written report, consisting of perceptions, points for commendation and recommendations, is delivered to the Head of the School, who uses this as a basis for a future action plan.


One of the Review's defining characteristics that sets it apart from many evaluation models is its concentration on classroom practice, with observations from as many as 200 or more complete lesson observations providing the principal source of evidence for the report.