Professional Development

The principal training provided by LAHC is for school reviewers, team leaders and review trainers. Training is very practical and hands-on, in line with the premise that doing something is more effective training than being told how to do it. Training courses are run regularly across the region and are considered to be excellent professional development, independently of whether or when the trainee is called onto a review team.


If a school or group of schools requests specific training beyond that offered for the review, the association will seek to find the appropriate expertise within the association and help to set up the course. The association also develops links with external providers of training and helps to facilitate the organisation of courses on request.


With over 5,000 professional educators within the association there is expertiseon almost every aspect of education and school leadership and management. One of the key objectives of the association, through its Executive Officer, is to identify and deploy this expertise for the benefit of member schools. This normally consists of an “expert” member of staff from one school spending up to a week in another school, working with colleagues to help them improve their practice. Such consultancy carries no fee, with the only cost being the expenses of the visiting consultant.