The Annual Conference brings together heads, senior leaders and students from across the region to discuss fundamental educational issues and share successful initiatives in member schools in an intimate and friendly atmosphere that allows us to build the very special relationship of trust and confidence that is the key to the rest of LAHC activity.

The conference has grown both in stature and in size over the last twenty years, with major speakers such as David Perkins, John MacBeath, Sir John Jones, Alan November and Ben Walden challenging delegates to reflect deeply on the nature and the future of education. At the same time, participation by delegates has increased and has helped LAHC to fulfil its mission of "Sharing expertise for school improvement".

In addition to the Annual Conference, individual schools or groups of schools organise regional conferences on an ad hoc basis to which members are invited to participate, covering a diverse range of themes, such as mathematics, English as a second language, thinking skills, inclusion, service learning and leadership, to name a few.




In response to the high financial and environmental costs of organising face to face conferences, LAHC plans to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by technology to complement its major conferences with a programme of webinars around specific themes of interest to member schools. These will not only expose a much wider audience to new ideas and practices but also increase the opportunities for networking within and beyond the association.