School Visits

The Executive Officer travels to each hub every year, and will use the time to visit as many schools as possible. The primary purposes of these visits are to identify the areas of expertise within the school that could be shared with other schools and to identify the areas of opportunity in which the school could derive benefit from the expertise within other schools in the association. It is also an opportunity to identify and explore areas of common concern within the membership, which could lead to the organisation of an activity aimed at addressing the concern, and to provide general guidance and advice to schools and their leaders, where appropriate. Finally, it allows the Executive Officer to know and understand the school better, to make LAHC a visible and tangible presence and to help the school reap maximum benefit from the association.


In addition to visits by the Executive Officer, many schools arrange for members of their staff to visit other schools to observe good practice and learn things to take back to their own school. Given the concentration of schools in major cities it is possible to arrange a "fact-finding" tour of several schools in the space of a few days and return with a wealth of ideas to try out.