The Beans pledge sustainable development practices in LAHC members schools in Peru

The LAHC student Region A ESD committee, The Beans, has created pledges to further promote sustainable practices in member schools in Peru, on the back of COP26. The students took the lead on pledging the following:

The school will not provide plastic bottles or styrofoam at school or school events to students or staff by 2024
  • The school will have a compost station to reduce food waste for cafeteria residue by 2023
  • The school will implement sustainability, environment and the SDGs into their curriculum by 2025
  • The school will place a poster of all SDGs in every class by 2022
  • The school will provide professional development on sustainability by 2024
  • The school will be involved in a recycling project/campaign by 2023
  • The school will provide facilities for ecobricks for single use wrapper and plastics by 2023
These pledges have been approved by all heads, with the aim of motivating and keeping schools accountable for sustainable practices on the campus, through the curriculum and in the community. The different schools will develop student committees to develop their action plans and be supported by the LAHC ESD Committee.

The Beans was formed in 2012 and is best known for the annual student conference "Greenstock" where around 100 students take part in a 3-day immersive programme about sustainable development and take action in local communities. The committee also hosts monthly meetings to share best practices, creates campaigns for schools to participate in and has hosted a variety of initiatives over the years. Each school will be sending representatives to the committee to collaborate and report on their progress over the years.