LAHC Languages Festival winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of our first languages festival, for Northern Hemisphere schools.
This free competition, in partnership with Education Perfect, aimed to encourage students from Grade 5 upwards to engage with learning languages, such as English (both first language and ESOL), French, Arabic, Chinese and more.   
The top 3 winners by individuals and schools are as follows:
Lang Festival results 1
It ran from 22-24 February. Six member schools took part - St. Francis College (Brazil), Colegio Colombo Británico (Colombia), Buckingham School (Colombia), Instituto Bilingue Victoria (Mexico), The Wingate School (Mexico) and Colegio Gran Bretaña (Colombia) - and students answered almost a quarter of a million questions during the event.
"I am very happy and very proud of our students! They did a fantastic job, and we will certainly share this wonderful news with our school community. Thank you for organising this fun event, and congratulations for its success!
Michelle Ong, St Francis College 
Thanks so much for the invitation and assistance. My students had a wonderful time and loved the app.....Again thank you so much and I am sure you will have us competing again next year or in future events! 
Dulce Moncada, Instituto Bilingue Victoria 
The second LAHC competition, for Southern Hemisphere schools, will take place later this month. More details to follow!