Pat Balboni - a life in education

It is with great sadness that we inform the LAHC community of the passing of Pat Balboni, founder of St Matthew’s College in Argentina. Pat will be well-known to many LAHC members, and although she took a less active public role in St Matthew’s over recent years, those who knew her will not doubt that she was very active behind the scenes and a major inspiration for the St Matthew’s community until her last day.

Pat was an unassuming person who never put herself in the spotlight but preferred to let others take the credit, even though she was a driving force behind the school that she and her husband founded. She was a kind and generous person, always extremely welcoming and a great supporter of LAHC. She earned the respect of those who knew her through honest hard work, commitment and dedication.

She leaves behind six very talented and successful children, who are a testament to her excellent parenting, and who will ensure that the legacy she left in St Matthew’s continues to thrive and grow. We share our most sincere condolences with all of the family and the St Matthew’s community.