Students take the lead in promoting sustainability

Students from 16 LAHC member schools in seven countries joined forces in LAHC Greenstock International Matucana 2022, an initiative to promote one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals - Empathy for Life.
From 12th-16th October, 63 students from across the region arrived in Peru to begin an immersive experience that would take them out of their comfort zone and design projects to help people in the rural community of Matucana, in the east of Lima. Students learnt how to use a design thinking process within a sustainable goals perspective, while considering their impact on others and the environment.  
After an induction at Markham College, Lima, the children, divided into seven groups each with a student leader, travelled to Matucana where they would be an integral part of the community for three days. On Day 1, they visited the municipality, three schools they would be working with and Luis, a local farmer, to determine a relevant project that would have a positive impact on the local community, in relation to the sustainability goals.
Students were expected to come up with a project on Day 2, provide costs and pitch it to the LAHC’s Greenstock “sharks”. Once approved, the students implemented their projects on Day 3.
The students came up with a wide range of creative projects catering to all sectors of the community, which they hope will have a sustainable impact on the town of Matucana. They worked very hard against the clock to get them up and running in the time available, showing tremendous initiative, energy and teamwork.
Following an intense three days, the weary but ecstatic students arrived at Newton College to wind down and debrief before their journey back home.
Thank you to LAHC’s Alan Downie, Harry Hildebrand of Markham and Daniel Kasnick of Newton for all their hard work in preparing this initiative and mentoring and looking after the students!