LAHC runs second Focus Week

The first week of June proved particularly busy as we ran our second successful online Focus Week - on Educational Resources and Activities - from 5th to 9th June. This followed on from the first Focus Week in March, on Professional development. Webinars on educational resources and activities focused on:
  • Hodder: The importance of positivity, self-efficacy, motivation and resilience on pupil well being
  • Collins: Thinking beyond the classroom: what skills do students need for the modern world? With Cambridge Global Perspectives™
  • The Learnerspace: Leadership in the age of AI
  • Pearson: Introduction to Pearson International qualifications and resources
  • VS America: Furnishing for success - Creating innovative and dynamic learning environments
  • Krismar: The challenge of teaching robotics
  • Future Innovative Minds (FIM): Innovative teaching strategies of FIM
  • Kortext: Increasing student engagement and inclusivity with technology
  • International Curriculum Association (ICA): Integrating language across the curriculum - Every teacher is a language teacher
  • ICA: International learning
  • Keyhole International: Study Abroad Programmes in the UK
It was lovely to see many new and familiar faces - among our partners and LAHC member schools - and hear about strategies and tools to enhance day-to-day teaching and learning in today's world.
Our next focus week will be on recruitment, on 18th September. Stay tuned for more details and we look forward to seeing you then!