Roger Stokes: First-rate educator and leader

10th May 2024
It is with a very heavy heart that we share the news of the tragic passing of Roger Stokes, Head of The Edron Academy in Mexico City. Roger’s first overseas appointment was at the Lancaster School, Mexico City, as a Physics teacher, where he met his wife Cynthia. From there he took up a position at the Colegio Anglo Colombiano in Bogota, and after some time in England returned to Mexico and The Edron, where he was Head of Key Stage 4, Head of Secondary and then Headteacher. As Headteacher, Roger brought The Edron back into LAHC and was an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of LAHC activities.

Roger was a kind and generous person who always put others before himself. He always had his feet firmly on the ground and dealt with things in a straightforward, calm and uncomplicated manner. His honesty and transparency gained him the trust and respect of everyone he came into contact with - students, colleagues and parents alike - and he encouraged those around him to be positive and to believe in themselves. He got on with the job, whatever it was, without any fuss and never sought personal recognition for what he achieved, which was a great deal. He was a first-rate educator and leader who was universally appreciated and recognised, wherever he worked.

His passing is a tremendous loss for The Edron and for the educational community as a whole, and an unimaginable and tragic loss for his family, to whom we extend our most sincere condolences. He will be remembered by anyone that knew him as an outstanding example of how to live a life with decency, dignity and integrity in the service of others.