Markham College

Markham College
  1. Mixed age teaching: This is a new initiative for us, although I have done it elsewhere. We are introducing it in a new transdisciplinary course that will, eventually have three secondary school year groups working together in mixed age research groups
  2. Student leadership on outdoor education trips: This is a long tradition at Markham. We have many trips involving a combination of adventure, service and academic programmes. Younger students, in groups, are led and organised by senior student leaders
  3. Assessment through evidence rather than judgement: A new initiative here will see part of the assessment process centred around student choice of evidence to demonstrate aspects of their learning. It will link to our skills framework and not use any marks or grades
  4. Early years education: Opening the walls and developing open units
  5. Continuous provision and free flow
  6. Making learning visible
  1. Changing the physical environment: I am interested in changes schools have made to rooms or other learning environments around school that have positively impacted learning
  2. Values education: What activities do schools use to make a group of students more empathetic. Are there useful programmes for social education?
  3. Bilingual learners and EAL expectations
  4. Digital portfolios
  5. Safeguarding and child protection
  1. Shared transdisciplinary projects: Where children can collaborate with those in another school
  2. Early Years: Working collaboratively in Early Years in open plan units
  3. Sharing themes for diversity
  4. Continuing professional development