San Silvestre School

San Silvestre
  1. Surviving a full LAHC Review: Schools contemplating the possibility of a review might be really interested in hearing about our experience. The experience could be shared as a series of phases, the first being the decision as to why a review could be helpful, the second phase consisting of the beginnings of preparations within the school with an action plan for whole school consultation during the self-evaluation. In parallel is the organisation of the team and everything that goes with the logistics of bringing the team to Peru and ensuring conditions are right during the stay. The next phase is the Pre-review visit, finally the Review itself with feedback, closely followed by the written report
  2. Developing a robust house system
  3. Developing student voice/leadership
  1. How to develop a whole school pastoral system
  2. Music in Primary and Early Years: How to create a music curriculum that fosters a desire in students to learn an instrument in Primary and Early Years
  3. ICT: How to blend ICT with learning in the classroom
  1. Teacher exchanges: It would be excellent to do some teacher exchanges in which each school sends one teacher to the other school for a week, followed by a return visit by a teacher from the visiting school. This would be wonderful particularly in Early Years and Primary, and although less practical in Secondary it would still be well worth doing
  2. Sports tours and festivals: These are obvious ones which would be brilliant to do between schools from different countries
  3. Cultural exchanges: Of groups of children as choirs and musicians to sing and play together would be wonderful