Academia Británica Cuscatleca Santa Tecla

  1. Early Years: Our teachers use the latest research and innovative approaches to provide outstanding early years provision. We deliver the English Development Matters curriculum content though play. We allow children to follow their own interests using Reggio Emilia approaches. Our approach is developmental and child-centred, harnessing children’s innate curiosity and personal interests and facilitating growth through their relationships with the teacher and classmates. In our school the child, the teacher and the school environment are all equal drivers of learning. We use the 2Build a Profile app to record our children’s learning journeys.
  2. IPC: Over the last six years, we have been using the International Primary Curriculum, a programme for children aged 5-11 which promotes international mindedness and curiosity across all subjects. The IPC is well respected and used in over 90 countries. The programme’s learning and assessment methods bring a personalised approach to our children’s learning. Even though the unit of study might be the same for the whole class, its flexibility caters to each child’s needs and interests. We were the first school in Latin America to possess full IPC accreditation, with Mastering for International Mindedness.
  3. Safeguarding: We have developed safeguarding protocols which help support our pastoral programme while alerting the community to possible concerns and providing advice on child protection.
  1. Olevi/Staff development training
  2. Sports/Cultural events (eg. Model UN)
  3. Benchmarking the school (eg. IB results)