British School Quito

British School Quito
  1. Developing professional mastery in the classroom through self-audit and autonomy:
    In this area we have developed a process of goal setting, coaching, observation and development that encompasses all teaching staff and academic support staff. It involves a cycle of reflection and action that is focused on teaching expertise and student progress. The process enables staff to consider their practice, set their own targets and work towards them with the support of a school leader within a coaching model and supported by time and training within the CPD framework 
  1. Student links with other schools: As the only British School in Ecuador and a small community it is sometimes challenging to find ways to connect our students with others pursuing the same goals and interests. We would be interested in finding out about how to collaborate with other schools without having to travel 
  2. Student voice: We would be interested to find out how other schools have developed their students in terms of school leadership, leading change and leading each other 
  1. Projects on student voice and student activities