Colegio Gran Bretaña

  1. Safeguarding: We have used a training tool with all members of our school community on the issue of child protection and safeguarding. We now have an automated reporting system that has been introduced and works very well. We would be more than willing to share what we have learnt from this process with colleagues.
  2. Writing a school vision - collectively: We have designed a way for everyone to participate in the writing of our school vision. Our new vision was launched in 2019, and is 100% inclusive and visual.
  1. Involving parents: In a way that gives them a democratic voice, but not a sense of entitlement/power.
  2. We have begun IGCSE music: We began it recently and any help in this area would be wonderful!
  1. Safeguarding: An LAHC "minimum" during LAHC conferences and exchanges where students participate.