Bede's Grammar School

  1. Fostering a strong sense of belonging throughout the community: We can share our experience on building an ethos based on respect, freedom, responsibility and leadership
  2. Student-centred curriculum: The possibility for students to map out their own curriculum
  3. Game based learning (Accelium): Accelium's educational solutions use strategy games to captivate students' imagination, evaluate their skills and develop strategic thinking, self-awareness, focus and persistence. The immersive, hands-on experience fills students' toolbox with practical strategies, preparing them for the complex challenges of the global age.
  1. School radio: We are about to launch the project of a radio with streaming for the school community. We would benefit from the experience of other school radios, especially in identifying possible threats and opportunities
  2. Student tutoring: We would like to know about other ways of tutoring teenagers
  3. Articulation between sections: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary in the areas of curriculum, methodology, assessment and expectations
  1. Reading clubs online: The aim is to share the love of literature among students of different countries and will be facilitated by English Language Captains
  2. Current affairs: Sharing students' views on their national realities - for UN model students