St. George's College North

  1. Wellbeing programme: Transforming the old pastoral system into something much more appropriate for 21st century learning skills
  2. Continuous performance management: Successfully bringing appraisal into the line management and development of teachers
  3. Student centred and active learning: Changing the old educational paradigm of a teacher-centric class into a learning environment fit for our new world
  1. Differentiation skills/training: something so necessary but often a skill with which teachers have trouble
  2. IT: integrating technology into learning environments
  3. Interdisciplinary learning: adhering to the philosophy of the IB, leaving a siloed delivery of curriculum to one which draws on multiple influences and fields of critical thought for learners
  1. Staff exchanges for professional development purposes
  2. Leadership best practice sharing: Mentoring/coaching
  3. Student centred and active learning whole school development strategies