St. George's College, Quilmes

St George's Quilmes
  1. Student exchanges: We have around 20 students, every summer holiday, travelling to English-speaking countries on a 4-week exchange programme
  2. Integrating the national and international programmes: It is a very complicated and controversial area and this is something for which we have established a very clear framework
  3. Pastoral: As the only school in South America that is a member of the Boarding School Association we can give advice to schools thinking of offering boarding
  1. Safeguarding: On a Latin American angle, not a UK one
  2. Student-centred education: Courses and experts that can help/demonstrate/persuade teachers who have been educated to 'teach' to be teachers that can 'facilitate'
  3. Formative assessment: UK/International methods that will be effective in Latin America
  1. Primary school projects
  2. Extended essay collaboration
  3. Peer appraisal (student and teacher)