The Wingate School

  1. Promoting values: In our Kindergarten and Primary we are fusing the School of Character (promoting values) with our 2 IPC curriculums. Later, the S. of C. will work with other curriculums we take on board.
    There are specific classes, to target values (which will rotate), but the idea is to use teachable moments throughout the school day, in any class /activity.
    The founder of the S. of C., Dr. T. Lickona (a renowned NY academic), has a connection with our school and has approved the trial.
    This initiative links very much with our belief in social responsibility. (Our school motto is "Strive, Learn and Serve".) It also runs as an after-school club. Both parents and their children get involved, too. We are associating ourselves with our local pueblo, San Cristobal, very close to our HXQ campus. The principal links made thus far are with the DIF-run old folks activity centre and the DIP children's homes (various kinds).
    Activities have included: setting up a World Cup, with 15 full football teams, mixing our players with a local primary; giving Christmas presents; pupils donated their own toys; letter-writing to the elderly, and then visiting them; promoting the sales of DIF-made items at school events.
  1. Moving through from Primary to Secondary: We soon will moving through from Primary into the Secundaria years. 2019-2020 will see our Sexto de Primaria. So, we are interested in the overall process. Things that schools have learned in growing. It implies, of course, a host of things, from the curriculum and staffing, to mundane yet practical matters such as transport and parking. So, what are those key targets and goals that one ought not to forget?
  2. National and non-national programmes: The way the national curriculum is blended with any non-national programmes offered
  3. Security: How schools have dealt with security issues
  1. IPC training: How practical is it to join forces when trainers are in town?
  2. Online pupil collaboration: Opportunities for online pupil collaboration, specifically, during school hours
  3. Orchestras joining forces and arts fairs that amalgamate