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Buckingham School has implemented a talent enrichment and development program to improve the student´s learning experience, including: 
IT Department  
RobotThe DIGITAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN department at Buckingham School offers a curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate programmes and the Colombian Ministry of Education. As a fundamental axis, we promote computational thinking and coding focused on project-based learning with the development of STEAM and STEM projects.  
Buckingham School organises an annual tournament called ROBOBUCK, which brings together the best schools in the city with an interest in developing computational thinking skills, specifically around ​​robotics and programming. The objective is to share experiences about the development of technological and computer school-based-projects, and to promote healthy competition. The tournament has the following categories: Robotics: Speed Line Follower, Football, and SUMO. Programming: Scratch, Phyton, App Inventor. 
Besides, Buckingham School offers a one-on-one technology resource allocation programme where all students from first to eleventh grade have a device such as an iPad (1st-3rd) or a laptop (4th-11th), in which they develop their class work and research. 
Leader in Me  
Leader in meLeader in Me is a powerful leadership model that has impacted our school culture for 12 years. It enhances students’ attitudes to become more open-minded and trustful, and learn to embrace diversity and individuality by recognising all the community members' talents, backgrounds, and skills.  
Based on principles, this programme is aligned with our mission statement, and so it has facilitated the development of soft skills embedded in the curriculum to build character in our students and be distinguished by being caring, empathic and self-regulated children. The Leader in Me framework consists of seven habits of highly effective children that provide them with tools to reflect and establish necessary changes in paradigms and habits to succeed in all areas of life. 
Leader in Me has been a plus in our Buckingham community, as it makes learning sustainable. 
One primary goal at the Buckingham School is to provide a high-quality education to all our students. To achieve it, the school implemented the HEI toolkit last year, aiming to enhance students' learning experiences by using play-based pedagogy. Moreover, it facilitates pedagogical observation and documentation to evaluate the effectiveness of our programmes, make necessary improvements, and cater to the child's individual needs.  
The HEI School's Teacher Toolkit is a platform developed by leaders in education and designed in collaboration with the University of Helsinki. Its purpose is to provide clear guidance on the implementation of the Finnish pedagogy. Incorporating Finnish best practices has proven to be an invaluable learning experience for the entire community, allowing us to enhance our curriculum design. We have had the opportunity to delve into the theory, enabling us to apply exceptional resources, routines, and activities in practice, all of which contribute to creating a positive and secure environment for our children's growth, development, and learning.  
As a school, we are very gratified by this programme, as it aligns seamlessly with our values and highlights the importance of early childhood education. Simultaneously, it harmonises with the core principles of the PYP (Primary Years Programme). 
Buckingham School participates in different United Nations Models. Our students have travelled to China (WEMUN), Harvard, and Yale University to represent the school. Our delegates stand out for their critical thinking and social skills.  
At the national level, Buckingham School's delegation has participated in various models, including in Medellin, Cali, and Barranquilla. Among the awards received, at the English School (TESMUN) we were chosen as the BEST DELEGATION of the entire model; it is the second time we have won this distinction. 
The Humanities department organises the BUCKMUN, which is held annually with the participation of over 250 delegates. The students work and debate for three days to propose solutions to global impact problems. 
  • Marketing and admissions
  • Inclusion programme
  • Classroom innovation 
  • Socioemotional development 
  • IT projects
Founded in 1983, Buckingham School provides bilingual education from PreK to 11th grade. It has grown steadily, maintaining small groups. The Colombian Ministry of Education accredits the school, and it is one of the only thirteen schools in Colombia certified with the continuum of the IB programmes: DP, MYP, and PYP.  
It was the first school in Bogotá to obtain the ISO 9001 quality certification. There are approximately 400 students enrolled. All the students are required to take the same core curriculum. About 80% of our students are Colombian, and 20% are international students. Following graduation, all of our students go to universities.  
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