St. George's College Lima

St George's Lima
  1. Student Support Services: We have a comprehensive overarching support service across the whole school including inclusion, specials needs, adapting the curriculum to students with special needs and differentiation. This includes counselling, learning support, and an active psychology department that deals with a wide range of current syndromes. We have a language support system that caters for students with no Spanish or English
  2. Developing school growth: Going from under two hundred students and expanding into a dynamic 1,900 student family with a waiting list in just over fifteen years
  1. STEAM: We have started in earnest last year and are becoming a Google School. We would like to avoid problems and pitfalls
  2. Sustainable development: We are going into this in a big way. We have banned polystyrene, are building a vegetable patch and orchard and are on the edge of a very large wetlands. Would like advice
  1. STEAM development
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Developing the BSP