Montevideo, the British Schools

British Schools, Montevideo
  1. Diploma programme: We have a good diploma programme in which all students take the exam in English. Happy to talk about how we do this and combine it with a national programme (although national programme has no exam at the end)
  2. Our extracurricular activities programme: It is very strong in certain areas, and is also quite diverse
  3. English immersion programme in Junior
  1. Early years of Senior School: We have IGCSEs and the Diploma but would be interested to see what other schools have developed for their early years of Senior school - those that do not have MYP or something similar
  2. Use of technology: I would be interested in seeing how schools really use technology. I am not interested in going through all the benefits/drawbacks as I know the theory, but if any school has a successful programme it would be good to know the steps
  3. Teacher Appraisal: I am confident with ours, but am always interested in learning how other schools do it
  1. Sharing projects at all ages
  2. Teacher exchanges